Gore-Tex® is a thin membrane with millions of microscopic pores. The pores are small enough not to let damp or water in from the outside, but big enough to release condensation from the inside. Gore-Tex® lined garments offer two main benefits: they keep you warm and dry in all kinds of weather. Sweat which evaporates – sweating is the body’s own way of lowering the temperature when you’re working hard – is transported away out into the air. This minimises the chilling, and in harsh conditions life-threatening, condensation process which always accompanies repeated chilling condensation and vaporisation. We consider Gore-Tex®

To be superior to other waterproof materials for several reasons:

  • Waterproofness. Gore-Tex® is significantly more waterproof than any other waterproof/breathable material.
  • Breathability comfort and durability. The Gore-Tex® membrane has high breathability. Gore-Tex’s waterproofness and breathability last the entire life of the garment.
  • Material and construction tests. All materials and garments are tested for strength, breathability and construction. Tests include long-term spraying of the garment to reveal any water leakage, especially in vulnerable areas such as the shoulders, along zips, etc. The garments sometimes need to be modified and adjusted before they are approved.
  • Guarantee. Together with Gore, we guarantee that all Gore-Tex® garments are waterproof. Assuming, of course, normal use and wear and tear. If your Gore-Tex® garment should happen not to live up to its promises, we will exchange or repair it after inspection and testing. For any damage not covered by the guarantee, such as accidental tears or burns, help is usually available from a Gore-Tex® Service Centre.


Chevalite is our own wind and water barrier. The membrane consists of millions of microscopic pores that give the material its excellent characteristics – it is waterproof yet also breathable. This is how Chevalite works:

  • Waterproof. The importance of waterproofness is easy to understand – you don’t want your body to get wet when it rains.
  • Ventilation. The importance of vapour release may not be as obvious. But just think. When you work hard, you sweat. Body heat causes the sweat to evaporate, forming water vapor. It is this vapour that must be quickly wicked away from the body and transported into the fresh air. Therefore, the wind and water barrier must not be impenetrable.
  • Chevalite laminated inside the outer fabric. The most effective way of keeping wetness out. It is only the outer fabric that can become wet. Wetness comes to a sudden halt at the membrane. A laminated outer fabric has another benefit. Pocket flaps and pockets are waterproof.
  • Chevalite Liner. Here the Chevalite membrane is attached as an interim lining in the garment. It functions in principle like a wind and waterproof barrier inside the outer fabric.


The unique elastic membrane is 100% windproof, 100% waterproof and has extremely high breathability. Guarantees protection in any conditions. Allweather is suitable for most weather situations. We use this membrane in our waterproof boots and wellingtons.


Windstopper® is also a material developed by Gore. It is a completely windproof membrane with very high breathability comfort. Windstopper® in Chevalier garments has a laminated membrane between two fleece layers, producing a highly useful garment. You can wear it on its own when you need silence and maximum mobility when it’s not raining. Or as the ideal warming, windproof intermediate layer when the cold sets in.


Our own windproofing solution, based on the Windblocker membrane laminated on soft, silent fleece fabric or wind membrane inside outer fabric. The combination produces extremely good wind and heat insulation.