Wool vest

Wool vest

Wool vests are a useful garment that can be used entirely on their own or as a warming middle layer.

When should I use a wool vest?

The answer to that question is “almost any time.” A wool vest is one of the most useful garments to be found in a wardrobe. In the colder part of the year, a wool vest acts as a perfect reinforcement garment, under a shell jacket or on top of a really warm sweater. In the warmer part of the year, you can wear the wool vest directly over a shirt and immediately feel well dressed.
A wool vest has all the optimal qualities of wool as it warms even when it gets damp, is dirt repellent due to its natural lanolin and also neutralizes bad odor, meaning it is usually sufficient just to air the vest and not wash it too often.

How should I style my wool vest?

For a smart, casual look, you can wear a pair of everyday pants or jeans and a polo shirt. For a slightly more formal style, a shirt and maybe a thinner sweater will fit under the vest. And as previously stated, regardless of styling, it is great to wear a wool vest as a warming middle layer.