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Leather boots

Durable, comfortable and stylish leather boots will be your best buddy in the forest, in the mountains or wherever you want to use them.

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How should comfortable leather boots be designed?

A really strong and durable leather is the first step. And waterproof boots should have a qualitatively good membrane that shuts out water and rain but vents out the moisture from the inside so you stay dry and warm. A sole with a good grip that allows you to hike in any terrain you want is, of course, very important. If it is to be properly comfortable, it would be good if the boots are padded and designed for good depressurization. Chevalier's boots are made from strong full grain leather, have an ergonomic Vibram sole and a rubber edge around the entire boot which, together with the Sympatex membrane, make them waterproof and offer excellent breathability. They also have a comfortable padding and minimal seams for better durability.

How do I best care for a pair of leather boots?

To make a pair of boots last as long as possible, follow these guidelines:

  1. Clean the outside with a sponge with lukewarm water
  2. Clean the inside and insoles with mild soap and water. Keep in mind not to use dishwashing detergent because it dissolves the natural fat in the leather.
  3. Feel free to impregnate the boots before they are completely dry. There are several environmentally friendly impregnation options to choose from.
  4. Always dry leather boots and knee-high leather boots at room temperature and not in drying cabinets or on elements.
  5. Treat the leather with boot wax so the boot continues to keep you dry (NOTE - don't forget the tongue and rubber edge)