Gore-Tex jackets

Gore-Tex jackets

A Gore-Tex jacket keeps you dry and warm, even if it's raining all day.

Why is a Gore-Tex jacket a good choice in rainy weather?

Jackets made in Gore-Tex can be a real lifesaver when you wish to spend time outside in inclement weather. If you like to spend hours outdoors in all types of weather, a jacket with Gore-Tex membrane would be the perfect choice. Gore-Tex is a material that is waterproof on the outside and also releases excess heat. It is often said that this membrane has the ability to breathe. This, in turn, means you don’t get cold and sweaty inside, but stay dry and warm.

Can you also use a Gore-Tex jacket in the winter?

If your Gore-Tex jacket is a shell jacket, just use middle layers to keep you warm, depending on how cold it is. The membrane protects you from the moisture so that it doesn’t cool you down.