Dog- handler vests

Dog- handler vests

A dog handler vest is durable and has many spacious pockets. In addition, it makes you clearly visible in the forest.


    Dog handler vest

    When you are a dog handler on the hunt, it is important to wear a good dog handler vest so you are well visible in the forest and have plenty of space for everything you need to carry with you.


    What is important with a dog handler vest for hunting?

    1) Visibility - A hunting vest for dog handlers must be in some form of warning color so that you are well visible to your hunting companions in the forest.

    2) Durability - a vest for dog handlers must be durable and durable to both go through thickets and thorn bushes but also withstand a little rain and moisture.

    3) Fit - A dog handler vest must also have a good fit so it is comfortable to use and does not sit too tight or hinder your mobility. An advantage is if it can be opened both for ventilation and to be able to increase the size if you want an extra thick sweater or jacket underneath when it is winter, for example.

    4) Pockets / Storage - water bottle, leash, GPS, mobile, car keys, gloves yes there are many things you would like to take with you in the woods. A dog handler vest with many smart pockets for all types of storage is a clear plus.



    Is Chevalier's Dog Driver Vest Waterproof?

    The fabric on the Chase dog handler vest is waterproof. The seams are not taped so if it rains heavily, water might leak through there but the fabric is water and windproof.