Scaleby Shirt Women
    Scaleby Shirt Women
    Scaleby Shirt Women
    Scaleby Shirt Women
    Scaleby Shirt Women
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    Product description

    The Scaleby women’s shirt in Shooting Fit allows the best possible freedom of movement when out hunting. In consultation with professional hunters, we have developed the optimal shirt for maximum freedom of movement.

    • The shirt has a lower sleeve cap than usual, which means you can raise your arm high without the sleeve pulling and holding you back.
    • To keep the sleeve in place we have made it somewhat longer and more spacious over the biceps, and have added elbow pleats.
    • The cut is slightly longer so as not to create a gap at the waist. The shirt is made from an extra fine twill yarn.
    • The shirt has a button-under collar and an outer placket on the front. The buttons sit tight to prevent gaping.
    • Cream-colored base with a green and brown tattersall check.
    • Shooting fit.

    Scaleby Shirt Women

    Article No. 1060172_C0004

    Twill shirt – Unique Shooting Fit with maximum freedom of movement – Classic tattersall check

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