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Hunting sets

A good hunting suit is appreciated by many regardless of hunting type. We have several solid hunting suits to choose from. Keep in mind that you may need more than one set of hunting clothes for this years different hunts and seasons.

High quality hunting Set

Many people choose to buy hunting clothes as a set because then you know that the jacket and trousers are adapted for the same weather and temperature. For example, if you are going to have a really warm hunting suit for the winter season, it is smart to buy a hunting suit that has a jacket and trousers with padding that are well balanced against each other to get the best outdoor experience possible.

What should you keep in mind when buying a hunting set?

1) What type of hunting should the hunting set be used for. Do you need a hunting set that is quiet or is it more important that you stay really dry even if it is really bad weather. Do you need warning color on the garments or do you need to blend in properly. This is important to include before the decision so that the hunting sets are adapted to the specific hunt and the conditions for which the garments are to be used.

2) What features do you want. Hunting sets can have different functions such as wind proofness, water proofness, ventilation, seat flap, boot hook, back pocket, hood and so on. Look carefully at how the garment is equipped to ensure that you get the features that are right for you, your type of hunting, season and climate.

3) Size and fit. Make sure that your hunting set is ergonomically designed so that you get maximum mobility. Also make sure that you have the right size so that you have the opportunity to be just as mobile as you want to be for the type of hunt you are participating in. An oversized hunting set becomes bumpy and inhibits your ability to move and a too tight set means that you can not be as mobile as you want.

Are there hunting sets adapted for all temperatures and weather?

Yes, hunting sets from Chevalier are available for most types of weather.

- If you want a windproof and waterproof hunting set, you can choose from a number of shell sets or padded sets wit different types of membrane.

- If you want a high-vis function, you can choose either a full orange jacket or a set with orange details

- If you want a warm hunting set, there are both heavily padded warm Winter sets as well as lighter padded hunting sets that will keep you warm during the Autumn and Spring hunt.


How do you best keep warm in a hunting set?

You can choose one of two principles to keep warm:

- Maybe you prefer to have a warm and comfortable padding built into your hunting set so that you know for sure that you will stay warm when you use this hunting set. Then all you have to do is choose how warm the padding is and what other functions you want at the hunting ground. If it is to be a winter set, a heavier padding is needed, perhaps up to 200 g in the jacket.

- Or do you dress according to the layer on layer principle and then it works best with a shell stand as the outer layer and then different intermediate layers that keep the heat. Intermediate layers can be of different types ranging from wool to fleece or padded garments. There are also whole, lightly padded, hunting racks that work excellently as a warming intermediate layer.

Can you use the same hunting set all year round?

Many people prefer to have a warm stand and a shell stand. But it is quite possible to use a shell stand all year round if you supplement according to the layer upon layer principle with padded products or other warm garments in, for example, wool. It is important to also consider the trousers' intermediate layer so that you stay warm enough on your legs and back during the cold season.

All our hunting sets are tested by hunters under harsh conditions and for a long time.