Few things can cool you down as fast as a really icy wind. Therefore, it is good to have a high-quality and functional windbreaker to stay warm.


Few things can cool you down as fast as a really cold wind. You have probably been with that if you have been outdoors, maybe on a hunt, walk or trained the dogs and all of a sudden it starts to blow up really. The wind cools down quickly the body if you do not wear good and functional clothes.

A windbreaker is a type of jacket that is specially designed to withstand strong winds and often also rain. Windbreakers are a popular garment for hunters, dog handlers and most people who spend a lot of time in nature. Chevalier has a wide range of windbreakers for both men and women. A really good windbreaker keeps you warm when it's windy and has a high ventilation capacity. A windbreaker is often durable to be able to keep the user well tempered despite harsh wind conditions.

A windbreaker can also be classified as a shell jacket or a softshell jacket and a windbreaker can be more than just wind resistant, it can also be water-repellent or padded. A windbreaker is a perfect garment to wear as an outer layer in different types of weather and temperature. If it is colder, supplement with layers upon layers under your windbreaker. If it is really hot, many windbreakers have good ventilation options. A windbreaker is a functional garment that sometimes has more functions than withstanding wind. For example, some windbreakers can also protect against lighteror heavier rainfall.

For us at Chevalier, it is important that our windbreakers combine good function with style and stylish design. If you are looking for a jacket for hunting in the mountains or in an exposed and demanding environment, it is wise to invest in a jacket that is equipped with details such as taped seams, ventilation zippers, gore-tex and adjustable hood / waist. This type of windbreaker guarantees that you will not get cold or wet even in slightly more extreme weather conditions.