Padded jackets

Padded jackets

Among Chevaliers warm jackets, you will find everything from lightly padded jackets that are suitable for spring and autumn, to really warm jackets that stand up to a grim winter day. Nicely designed and with many smart features.

Warm hunting jacket

These are jackets that suit you who want to be outdoors even when the climate is a bit harsher. Warm winter jackets that are suitable for an active hunting and outdoor life must be functional and have many smart details. Chevalier's padded jackets for hunting and outdoor activities are well designed with a great fit. In addition, they are equipped with many smart features and features that make life outdoors easier.

How much padding should you have in a warm jacket?

It is generally said that a padding of 50-100 g / m2 is sufficient for cold spring and autumn days. If you have a padding of 100-200 g / m2 then you stay warm even on the coldest days.

What makes a jacket warm?

In addition to a strong padding, you can also ensure that the jacket is long enough. A longer jacket retains heat better. You can also make sure that it is windproof so that the wind does not cool down and waterproof so that it withstands various forms of precipitation. It is also good to make sure that the jacket has a hood and a good fit so that it fits exactly your body shape.