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Fleece is a fantastic material that is both durable and warm. It insulates body heat and transports moisture away from the skin. Chevalier has different variants of fleece clothing and also has fleece as lining in some jackets.

Fleece clothes

Fleece clothing is very popular with hunters, fishermen and others who spend a lot of time outdoors. Fleece is an incredibly useful and versatile material that is available in coarser and lighter qualities.

Can you use fleece garments as an intermediate layer?

Fleece clothing works extremely well as an intermediate layer during the colder part of the year. They insulate the body so that you keep the heat while it transports moisture away from the skin so you stay at the right temperature. Use as a layer two with a functional T-shirt that layers one and a shell jacket at the end.

Chevalier's fleece clothing has long been tested in the field by both hunters and dog handlers who have helped us develop our fleece clothing to perfection. With its quality and fit, Chevalier's fleece garments are very popular and reliable companions on hiking and in the woods and on the ground.