Thermal pants

Thermal pants

A pair of really warm, heavily padded trousers is needed to be out for a long time in a harsh winter climate. We can promise you that Chevaliers warm and lined hunting trousers will be your best friends this winter - you will not have to freeze.

Warm pants for the autumn and winter

Winter trousers for those who like hunting and an active outdoor life must be functional and have many smart custom details. Chevalier's padded trousers for hunting and outdoor are both well-designed and have a great fit. They often have many smart features and functions that make life outdoors fantastically much easier.

How thick should a pair of warm trousers be?

The padding can be of different materials and different weights to make your lined winter pants just as warm as you want them to be. If you are going to sit on a pass for a long time and in a light wind, then you need a pair of heavily padded trousers and if you are going to hunt or hike in the mountains during the winter, you need a pair of warm winter trousers.

If the pants here have a padding of up to 100 g / m2, they will keep you well and warm during cold spring and autumn days. If the padding is over 100 g / m2, you will be warm and comfortable even if it is a really freezing cold winter day.

If you have padded pants as a layer two between an outer layer and the underwear, you can smartly dress according to the layer on layer principle and stay very warm with even thin outer shells.

Chevalier's lined winter trousers are tested in harsh conditions by several professional users and in this way they have helped us develop all our warm winter trousers to perfection.