Hunting pants

Hunting pants

Hunting trousers must be durable, have smart pockets and functions, preferably be in stretch material and at the same time give an elegant and stylish impression

What characterizes a pair of really good hunting trousers?

First of all, they should be durable and withstand a rough day in the woods and fields. Then they should be well ventilated so you can quickly cool down if you need to rush. Smart pockets for all your gear and change are needed on hunting trousers. A pair of hunting trousers must also have larger or smaller sections with stretch in order for them to be perceived as flexible and comfortable. Chevalier's hunting pants often get the best in tests and maintain high quality in both durability, functions and design.

What is unique about our hunting pants?

A detail that we have on many of our hunting pants is a raised back end that allows you to sit down or bend over without getting cold on the back. The fit is also important, which is why Chevalier has worked based on body shape, so the trousers will fit regardless of whether you are S or XXL. Match the trousers with a jacket for a complete hunting outfit.