A scarf or shawl warms nicely around the neck when the wind is cold. If the scarf is in high-vis orange, it will also be a good warning signal in the forest.

Scarf and Shawl

Warm and good scarves are really life-saving when it is cold around the neck. by putting a soft and warm scarf or shawl around the neck, the whole body is warmed up and the cold does not feel as intrusive. At chevalier we have scarves for women and men. Some of Chevalier's scarves are in 100% wool and some in a Merino wool and tencel blend. Our Shawl is in silk with a unique pheasant pattern. Our jacket scarf is in high-vis orange so you get a perfect warning signal for the hunting situation.

What is the difference between a scarf and a shawl?

A scarf is often in a knitted material or in felt-like fluffy material. Scarves have a long narrow rectangular shape while a shawl is often in a square shape and in a thinner, lighter and smoother material. A shawl is usually also smaller. A scarf is most often used to warm up because a shawl is worn more as an accessory and fashion item. A shawl is considered an inner garment and is often kept on when the outer garments are taken off, since scarves are counted as outer garments, even if some want to keep them indoors. Both a scarf and a shawl can be used by a man as well as a lady.

Tips for Wool Scarves

Some people find that a scarf in wool sticks and in that case you can hand wash your wool scarf and add one or a couple of teaspoons of distilled vinegar to the rinsing water.